Neurophysiology is the study of the brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle function. Depending on the symptoms and possible diagnosis a test is requested to assess and give important information to your physician for diagnosis and treatment. Tests are requested for multiple things like CTS, myopathy, MS, epilepsy etc.

A neurophysiology technician performs the tests with specialised equipment and guidance from a neurologist who then assesses and reports the results. The report is sent to your referring doctor.

The tests record information and generally have no significant side effects, however if there are any possible side effects you will be informed. A time slot of 45 minutes is allocated for a test, however this allocated time can be more or less depending on specific tests.

Unless indicated eat and take your regular medication as per normal on the day of the test. Please avoid hairspray, gel and skin lotion for all the tests and bring your glasses or contacts with you if you are having visual evoked response testing. Please bring any relevant scans etc. Please also inform us if the test is to be performed on young children, wheel chair bound or special needs people as consideration may need to be made for their management in advance. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment then please inform the staff as an alternative appointment can be arranged.

All tests have a Medicare rebate unless you have a worker’s compensation or third party insurance claim which needs to be brought to the staffs attention when making the appointment.